Novice runner Tré Bryten completed one marathon – then set herself a lofty goal of 52 marathons, in 52 weeks over 52 States, Districts and Territories. Never before has this 52-52-52 feat been completed, and certainly not by a running newbie.  Tré is blogging and filming her journey, with plans to produce a documentary meant to inspire… “ordinary people can do extraordinary things, if you just try and take the first step towards your goals.”

To date, Tré has completed 57 marathons in just fifty-four weeks. Her journey concluded in Colorado with the American Discovery Trail marathon, though she was unsuccessful in completing Pikes Peak, famous for being the most difficult marathon in the United States, within the time limit. Tré scrabbled and completed three more marathons within the next ten days to succeed at achieving her goal of 52 marathons, in 52 different states, districts and territories over 52 weeks!

Tré’s story has touched lives and inspired others, and continues to do so, even after completion. Every race completed was another step towards proving it doesn’t take magic to be incredible.  Follow along her journey across America.

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